Marvin Drupal Dev Days 2014

Drupal & Scrum

from the trenches

Julien Dubois - Guillaume Bec

How we do product backlogs?

  • From vision to stories
  • Iterate for the acceptance criteria
  • Share Drupal expectations with your client

and Drupal?

Drupal comes with its own technical stories

  • Prepare the navigation / sitemap
  • Content patterns
  • View modes
  • Image styles
  • etc

How we prepare for sprint definition?

  • Identify dependencies between stories
  • Prioritize stories
  • KISS your stories

and Drupal?

  • Know your modules
  • ...or test them

How we do sprint definition?

  • Dive into the vision
  • Intensive exercise (be prepared for a tough day!)
  • Don't over engineer, iterate
  • It's a team commitment

and Drupal?

  • Leverage Drupal paradigms
  • Demonstrate!

How we communicate sprints?

  • Agility needs a contract
  • We have a plan! (Share it)
  • Your client must test

and Drupal?

  • We said test. So give an environment to your client to test !

How we do sprint backlogs?

  • Cherish your board.
  • Easily reachable + updatable board / workflow
  • Find the tools/practices that fit your needs

How we arrange the team room?

  • Dedicated space for the team.
  • Visual management is important.
  • Remote is okay!

How we do daily Scrum?

  • Fuel your sprint!
  • Keep it short
  • Client or no client?

How we do sprint demos?

  • Be ready! (and have a backup plan)
  • Happiness to show effort's result!
  • It's a celebration, invite people.

and Drupal?

  • We use modules that can do more!

How we do sprint retrospectives?

  • Just do it!
  • Everybody should talk, have a facilitator.
  • Measure improvement

Slack time between sprints?

  • Still hard to sell.
  • Difficult in remote.
  • Propose alternative activities.

How we do release planning and fixed priced contracts?

                    while ($project == true) {
                      Evangelize("how we work");
                      Convince("agility is good");
                      Explain("what each decision implies");

How we combine Scrum and XP?

  • Pair "debugging"
  • Coding standards
  • Code review
  • Continuous integration

Thank you!



Julien Dubois - Artusamak

Guillaume Bec - Bès